Our Yoga 

All classes start with gentle movement, and breathe work, to warm up the body ready for the practice.

Regular yoga practice builds a strong, toned, supple body. It helps improve fitness, posture, and balance, as well as calming, and focusing the mind.

Yoga props (mats, bolsters, belts, blocks, etc.) are provided for every class, but you are welcome to bring your own.


General Class

The General Class will incorporate breathing and mediation techniques, relaxation, and vinyasa sequences. Working on refining, and advancing poses, such as inversions. So whether it’s your very first class, and you’re open to a challenge, or you have tons of experience, these classes allow you to practice at a level that suits you. All yoga poses have options so you can participate fully no matter what your capability. This class challenges you to make it your own, and not to be influenced by those around you. Empowering freedom from your ego, and giving you the ability to listen to your body, and true self.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow will ignite your internal fire with flowing sequences that connect with your breath. It will raise your heart rate, and awareness, as you let go of past and future thoughts, and become present. This class will involve inversions, and strengthening asanas, and finish with a well-deserved relaxation.

It is suitable for those ready to challenge themselves on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Beginners Yoga

Beginners classes are for anyone wanting to start yoga, as well as anyone wanting to improve their technique. The class focus is on yoga pose basics, and body alignment.

It will build your strength and stamina, improve flexibility in a nurturing, and supportive environment.


A self care experience. Develop body awareness, and discover your natural breath. A great class for stress relief, and rejuvenation.

Ease and Effort

A semi-active practice. The class progresses at a comfortable pace. It’s perfect for those days you need to slow down. Experience it for yourself.

Core and More

Safely strengthen the core and other large muscle groups. This class will help improve poor posture, create body stability and body strength, and have you feeling supple.

Intro Course (Beginners Yoga)

The Introduction Course teaches beginners the basics of key yoga poses, some of their Sanskrit names, and breathing techniques. You will also learn how to safely stretch your muscles, without causing pain, or discomfort, and how to use breathe to deepen your flexibility, and sense of wellbeing.

This class will give you a solid foundation, and the confidence to move on to any of Yogalane’s regular classes.

Personal Yoga Session (One-To-One)

Always wanted to try yoga, but don’t feel confident, or comfortable, with the thought of being in a room full of students? Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while, and are now ready to go deeper into those yoga poses?

Whether you’re a ‘first time’ beginner, or experienced, a personal yoga session, or sessions, might just be what you’re looking for.

These sessions are the perfect environment to learn the basics of yoga; refine your yoga poses; ensure correct alignment; and strengthen, and tone, specific areas of the body. As with any yoga class, you will also learn how to calm the mind.

If you’d like to practice at home we can also work with you to tailor a home practice sequence to suit you, and your lifestyle.

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