Zoom Classes

If you haven’t used Zoom before you will need to download the App from –

  • The App Store for iOS products.
  • The Google Play Store for Android products.
  • Or if you’re using a PC – the web browser client will download automatically when you join your first Zoom class.

Please give yourself a few extra minutes before your very first class to make sure you have the App / Desktop client downloaded and ready to go. In fact, you can do that step of the process days ahead if you’d like.

When you book a Zoom class with us you will be sent a confirmation email that contains a link to the class. When you click on that link you will automatically be taken to a the Yogalane waiting room at Zoom, and Charlton will admit you to the class before it starts.

If you have any questions or concerns with using Zoom, you can contact Charlton well ahead of your first class. He can assist you with connecting to a test class so you can practice the process.

For futher information and instructions for downloading and logging into Zoom –

Zoom Instructions PDF

Click on the Image

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