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YogaLane Teacher - Charlton Lane


Charlton was first introduced to yoga nearly 30 years ago and has been practicing regularly for the past 12 years.

A former martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) student, marathon runner, and a triathlete, Charlton noticed over time the difference that the yoga postures and stretching made to his training and recovery. The benefits to his wellbeing have not been just physical, but also spiritual. He is learning the power of the breath, and the importance of relaxation, and meditation to balance a busy and hectic lifestyle.

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Charlton gained his Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification at Yoga Spirit Studios in Adelaide in 2010, and is a member of Yoga Australia, and Yoga Teachers Institute of South Australia Inc.

He is continuing his yoga journey through teaching others, as well as attending further teacher training such as Donna Farhi’s 21 day Advanced Teacher Training, level 1 Somatic Exercise Coach Training with Martha Peterson, Level 2 Certificate 500 Hours at the Byron Yoga Centre’s Puma Yoga with John Ogilvie, Hot Yoga Teacher training level 1 with Jimmy Barkan, Pilates Teacher training certification, and Broga© Yoga Teacher certification.

YogaLane Teacher - Luciana Savocchia

Luciana Savocchia

I began this amazing journey 30 years ago and it has made such an impact in my life I simply had to bring this experience to others. I incorporate my love of life, and passion for Yoga, into all my classes.

I challenge my students to explore themselves with an open heart, open mind and most of all with compassion. What I enjoy the most about teaching is how much I learn through my students, and for this I am very grateful.
“I look forward to crossing your path on this wonderful journey we call life.”

YogaLane Teacher - Natalie Patmore

Natalie Patmore

I have been regularly practicing Yoga for two years and have recently completed a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training course. I have worked in a helping profession for 20 years and over recent years experienced compassion, fatigue, and burn out.

Yoga has helped me develop a deep self-awareness and inner peace, and has helped give clarity to my life’s path. It has enabled me to connect my dots in regards to my role as a mother, partner, friend, and professional, bringing me calmness and inner strength in times of need.

I would like you to join me on this amazing journey. I am forever thankful that Yoga found me and I would like to share this with you in my classes.

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