COVID-19 – What You Can Expect When You Attend A Class

In line with government restrictions the studio can hold 4 students and the teacher. Students need to have a 2 metre square spot, and every mat needs to be 1.5 metres apart. The studio floor has been marked out and we ask that you place your mat on the inside rectangle starting at the back line, especially if you have a longer mat.

No props will be supplied at this time. You need to bring your own mat and any other prop you’d like to use, such as – a block, belt, bolster, blanket, etc.

Only one person at a time can be in the side room / toilet area, and we have placed hand sanitiser on the table just inside the gate, and also on the cupboard next to the door to the studio.

There are 1.5 metre markings on the ground as you arrive and up to the studio door.

We thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe and well.

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